Theory of Taijiquan

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Once moving, the whole body needs to be brisk particularly in a coherent force. Meanwhile, better to activate Qi as well as concentrate Shen. Make it consistent and smooth without fluctuation and intervals. The force originates from feet, rises on legs, and is dominated by waist and shown by fingers. It ought to be integrated together from feet to legs then waist, otherwise it may get scattered, which must be ascribed to the dissonance of waist and legs. It should be guided by internal consciousness. Two directions (up and down, front and back or left and back) should be given attention at the same time. During the process of fighting, adapting to the changing condition makes you more competitive than your adversary. All the movements should be continuous, without any stop. A real expert who is good at Taiji is the one who moves continuously. Changquan (literally “long force” or “long fist”) is another name for Tai Chi, which emphasizes that the force of Tai Chi is just as continuous as the waves of oceans. Besides, Tai Chi is also named “Thirteen Forms” which simplify represents the thirteen basic postures in it. As Tai Chi has a long connection with a Chinese system of divination, among the thirteen forms of the force, “shed”, “stroke”, “squeeze”, “press”, “pluck”,” twist”, “hinder”, and ” retort” are associated with Bagua ( the eight diagrams in Chinese mythology); “step forward”, “step backward”, “look right”, “glance left” and “hold in central” refers to Wuxing (the five elements of Chinese alchemy). Meanwhile, as related to Bagua, “shed”, “stroke”, “squeeze”, and “press” symbolizes the four straight directions—north, south, east and west; and “pluck”,” twist”, “hinder”, and ” retort” points to the four side directions respectively—northwest, southwest, southeast and northeast. “Forward”,”backward”,”look”, “glance” and “hold” specifies metal, wood, fire, water and earth-- the five elements of Chinese alchemy.

Classics of Taijiquan (by WANG Zongyue)

Tai Chi, being born of infinity, is the origin of the dynamic and the static and the mother of Yin and Yang. When moving, it divides. At rest, it reunites. There should be neither excess nor deficiency. Following the opponent, compress or extend. When the opponent is hard, I become soft, which is called yielding. Then, when the situation turns around in the favor of me, I follow the opponent, which is called adhering. To the opponent’s fast move I follow fast. To his slow movement I follow slowly. Although the changes are various and infinite, the principles remain the same. The first step is to get familiar with the moves and applications, then gradually master the art of knowing and applying energy, finally, to approach the intuitive understanding of this art. However, without long diligent practice, one will not be able to have such a sudden and thorough enlightenment.
The crown of the head is suspended from above and Qi sinks to the Dantian. No tilting, no leaning. Suddenly appearing, suddenly disappearing. When the left feels weight, then the left has become insubstantial. When the right feels pressure, then the right has become empty.

When the incoming force is upward, I follow and become higher. When the incoming force is downward, I still follow and become deeper. When the opponent advances, let him feel the increasing distance. When he retreats, let him feel the urgent chasing. I become so light and alert that even a feather cannot be added and a fly cannot land. The opponent does not know me but I do know him. A real hero is born and has no equal because of all of this.

There are many other styles of martial arts. Although their forms are distinct from one another, more or less they are the same nature. The strong beats the weak, the slow yields to the fast. Those who are stronger and faster prevail. But all this is natural born ability and not related to the study of martial arts. Studying the saying “ Four ounces repel one thousand pounds”, it is apparent that this cannot be accomplished by strength. From observing the elder fighting multiple opponents, it cannot be the matter of speed.

Stand straight like a dropping scale. Move as lively as a cartwheel. To have only one side heavy, so the other side can follow. If double heaviness occurs, then there is stagnation. The reason why those with years of training still cannot apply neutralization and applications is that they have not comprehended the issue of double heaviness and restrained themselves. To avoid this fault, one must understand Yin Yang. To adhere means to yield. To yield means to adhere. Yin is not separate from Yang, and Yang is not separate from Yin. Yin and Yang are mutually cooperated and dependent on each other, which is the understanding of Jin. Only after understanding Jin, the more practice, the more refinement. Practice with your heart and mind, gradually you will be able to do it at will. The basic principle is to give up oneself by following and yielding to the opponent. It is unfortunate that most practitioners cannot understand this and work on something far less important. Remember the slightest aviation error can cause a thousand mile divergence。

Tai Chi on the significance of contemporary people
Contemporary world science and technology development, business and prosperity to mankind has brought many conveniences, it also brings a lot of trouble, environmental pollution, war disputes, the energy crisis threatening mankind. Even in a peaceful environment, still face many survival issues, such as the number one killer known as cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, killer is on the 2nd of depression, as well as quality of life for an aging society problem.
Taijiquan in China, although not a medicine to the illness of the "prescription", but if you persevere, it is precisely can effectively solve or alleviate the symptoms of these three major community "recipe" for the survival of mankind, life is have a positive meaning.
With regard to the health effects of Tai Chi on human research, since the last century, since the 50's done a lot of testing of research concerning the skeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, endocrine system, nervous system and immune function, older areas such as research and weakness analysis, in particular, Chinese Academy of Martial Arts Association of years of research, comparative analysis of the EEG, ECG, blood lipids, micro-circulation and other aspects of tai chi exercise produced results, has made a distinguished contribution. All of these research results are not attempting to repeat, I think from an anthropological, biological, sociological perspective to explore the tai chi on the heart. Cerebrovascular diseases, mental diseases and psychological health of elderly people to talk about a little knowledge of life.
There is an article that human standing, walking with two legs to achieve the qualitative leap, of course, created a splendid history of civilization, but not conducive to systemic vascular exercise, resulting in high ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases oxygen into threaten the enemy of human life.
Every year 16 million people died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, accounting for more than 50% of total mortality. About l million people in China suffer from hypertension, an annual increase of 1 million or more; encephalopathy in patients with more than 500 million newly issued 1.5 million per year, 10 million people with coronary heart disease patients. Chinese patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular death toll up to 260 million, an average of five people killed per minute!
Tai Chi emphasizes relaxation of muscles, "a movement without a fixed" "to Heart Qi," "to air transport the body" "gas shoot up to 4", are conducive to enhancing the flexibility of blood vessel walls and blood flow circulation, but also conducive to the exercise of the microvascular to promote micro-circulation. Shanghai institute an old professor led his graduate student, exploring the human microcirculation. Studies have shown that those who frequently engage in Tai Chi Chuan exercise control abnormal rate and congestion control stumbling standard rate were significantly lower than the control group, played a role in regulating blood supply, some people call it the "second heart." In addition, many studies have shown that practicing tai chi in reducing blood lipids, increased lung capacity, enhance cardiac nutrition, prevention and delay of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease has good results.
Experiments show that people's mental health on people's physical health, quality of life have great relationships. Person's mental state, emotions, personality, mental ability to cope with various events, life attitude, outlook on life, etc., will have a direct impact on the human body.
Accelerated pace of modern working life and material desires, and money to stimulate the people busy and competition gave rise to the impetuous, tension, worry, depression, so depression, schizophrenia, insomnia greatly increased. According to Mr. Cao Yimin of the author, the world there are 340 million people suffering from depression, as well as the second largest in human disease.
In my view, "Pine quiet natural", "ease ease" Tai Chi is characterized by extremely beneficial to the psychological adjustment and self-cultivation. To talk about the following three areas:
First, the Tai Chi embodies a kind of harmony between man and nature philosophy.
Taijiquan "Imitation of Nature" as a personal "Little Tai Chi", a natural for the "big Tai Chi." When you Lianwan a set of tai chi, to the outdoors, wilderness, woods, grass, freely, "There is no Qianche body everywhere," "dynamic and static for potential, acting in nature", breathing naturally, an open heart, "With the days of mobile dang" has no intention to pursue kick how high, how low posture, pose a number of norms in order to meet the wishes of nature, the concept of Heaven similarities to the trend line of boxing, with nature quietly exchange, integration, human nature itself dissolved into , Heaven one, they have boundless vitality, love nature, love the feeling of life arises spontaneously. Forget troubles, into a tranquil natural realm, there will be a good mood, a tense calm outside troubles, which will not benefit your health?
Secondly, the Tai Chi embodies the harmony of a human ethics.
Modern work, in the fierce business competition, interpersonal tension, and even intensified, thus lead to jealousy, annoyance, hostility; modern technology has created an online chat gives the environment, reducing people's contacts and exchanges.
People practicing tai chi together to create an entirely new environment, with the music, Shu boxing movements, or 22 Pushing Hands, "With the song on the stretch," "self-sacrifice from the people," with the sticky adhesive, into a harmonious feeling bored with the activities of the exchange of emotions. As the "big trend" a book mentioned in the "Whenever a new technology to introduce social, human beings are bound to be balanced to produce a reaction, that is, to produce a high emotions." Tai Chi for meditation to support nature, moving in order to quiet the movement pattern, as a high-emotional activity is very desirable. Especially in foreign countries, the elderly, women are more lonely on weekdays, there is an occasion to practice their moves with them, exchange, joking, mutual respect, enjoyable. Tai Chi gentle exercise for its cotton slow style, are particularly vulnerable to increase the concept of harmony among human beings. Many developed countries, are interested in practicing tai chi in people gathering together, no desire no dispute between Tao Ran, after all unite human feelings, "magic wand."
Third, the Tai Chi Chuan is a life-long pursuit of a harmonious concept of health
Tai chi and other martial arts like boxing, in practice their moves in the pursuit of harmony, from top to bottom, body step, hand-eye, both inside and outside, everywhere harmony for "life's not the art", which is what people say, "lifetime sports", for the elderly very useful. You can get rid of loneliness and isolation exercises every day, every day a new experience.
Tai Chi is different from other boxing is more emphasis on raising the internal air. The "virtual spiritual heart, and raised just in the air." "Qi" is the Chinese people as a source of life, and health is to raise gas, gas will be required to keep heart, cultivates the heart, it is necessary to Xiude. Things were not as tired, and do not Tametoshi are plotting to tranquil and comfortable, the raising of a good precision air. Taijiquan is therefore able to quiet the mind. So refined gas noble peace. Broadly speaking, tai chi fitness is a slow continuous movement of cotton to people's physical health, mental health, philosophy of life together, interaction; their attitude balance, longevity, life goals melting up into a ball and derived from the . Taijiquan against humanity special effects, will be fully apparent.
As the International Sale of a well-known nutrition experts-ho in his "art of relaxation", a book, said: "Unless you can relax, all the vitamins and minerals throughout the world are not rug to help you." Relax the body, relax bar . Tai Chi at precisely the optimal length of the lies, I hope that more people practicing tai chi, tai chi is willing to make greater contribution to human survival.
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